In today’s fleeting times that are characterized by dynamic change, our lives continue to become more hectic than ever before, stress has become our constant companion. As our to-do lists get longer, and procrastination takes a toll on us; we end up drowning in work, assignments, or classes, with no apparent end. Stress is the ultimate result. It is the way our body responds to challenges or a heap of work, and everyone experiences it. But, now, more than ever before, teenagers face a great deal of tension. Since they aren’t well-equipped to deal with it, they end up slipping into the tunnel of depression and anxiety

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It is okay for teenagers to feel anxious. Amidst our busy schedules, we don’t seem to give ourselves enough time to internalize and heal. Evidently, we either aren’t equipped with coping mechanisms or simply, “don’t have time to deal with it”. This is where a change of mindset is required. We need to understand the importance of healthy coping mechanisms and outlets to stress so that it doesn’t manifest in other forms.

Causes and Signs of Stress

There are various sources of stress, even in a teenager’s life. Some of these are as follows:

  • Academic Pressure: The pressure put on students for grades, and a good academic performance can indeed take a toll on them as they get burdened thinking about their future, and a good degree, among other things.
  • Social Pressure: Teens spend a significant amount of their time on social media. The pitch-perfect life that people put on their handles is hardly ever true. But, this makes them feel as though they are doing something wrong in their lives, hence, leading to a feeling of helplessness or distress.
  • Family Discord: Anything that impacts their family can impact teens, leading to a hostile environment, thus making us uneasy. For example, a rough fight, or the death of a family member.
  • Significant Life Changes: Traumatic events, moving or starting a new school, any changes which lead to confusion in the developing teen’s mind can lead to it.
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It is okay to feel stressed out, you’re not alone. But, it is important to deal with this state of apprehension so it doesn’t manifest itself in other forms, like anxiety or physical pain. Here are some signs that may mean you’re tensed:

  • Irregular sleep patterns: You’re either sleeping too much or not sleeping enough.
  • Irregular eating patterns: You’re either helping yourself with too much “comfort” food or starving yourself since you do not feel hungry.
  • Losing or Gaining a lot of weight in a short period of time: A sudden increase or decrease in your weight could be an outcome of tension.
  • Lack of Concentration: You start losing focus, concentration, and even interest. You may also have trouble remembering things, or organizing things when you’re overwhelmed.
  • Feel demotivated or as though “Nothing is going right”: Being cranky, moody, or even sad because of work, may mean you’re stressed.

And many more.

Importance & Types of Stress (Eustress and Distress)

You might have noticed that sometimes when you feel pressured, you end up getting motivated and doing tasks more efficiently. But, there are other times, when you lose all motivation whatsoever, and start procrastinating. Why does this happen?

This happens because there are two types of stress. It can be your motivational friend, who believes in you and makes you want to keep going. In this case, it is good stress, i.e. eustress. On the other hand, it is sometimes the toxic friend who knocks you down and makes you feel worthless. Here, it is bad stress, i.e. distress. So, when does eustress turn into distress?

Stress is a warning system, it is the way our mind responds to challenges. So, it acts as a motivator, in small doses. It can help improve concentration, decrease procrastination, and even improve your physical health. But, when there is too much of it, it turns into distress. Some warning signs of distress are irritability, inability to complete tasks, body aches, more anger or anxiety than usual, etc. So, watch out for these warning signs! 

Feeling overwhelmed is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we always have to suffer. When eustress transforms into distress, we need positive and healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the situation. Chronic distress can lead to severe health problems, too. Therefore, stress management is one of the most important skills in life.

Coping Mechanisms

Managing your tension or anxiety in a healthy manner will make sure that you never cross paths with that toxic friend, i.e. distress. Everyone has their own means to cope with it, but here are some coping mechanisms you can use which may prove to be helpful.


They are as follows:

  • Control your caffeine intake: Although a strong cup of coffee may help you focus in the short run, it leads to irregularity in sleep patterns and makes you more anxious. 
  • Take some time for yourself: You can start maintaining a journal or practicing at least one self-care activity every day. Take some time out for yourself, even if it’s just for ten minutes. And do something which makes you happy, and acts as an escape from this chaotic world.
  • Exercise: Go for a run, or simply do some yoga. Exercise will help you focus better. It will flood your brain with feel-good chemicals and improve your mood!
  • Eat healthy food and maintain a balanced diet: Many times, when we are stressed, we turn to junk food as our “comfort”. Instead of that, maintain a healthy and balanced diet. If you’re physically healthy, you will feel better mentally. You can also try foods that reduce anxiety, like, dark chocolate.
  • Don’t self-medicate: Some teens turn to alcohol and drugs to curb their tension. This will only make you feel good in the short run, but it is harmful in the long run. They will lead to you suffering both mentally and physically. 
  • Seek help: In case you are not able to cope, it is not the end. Reach out to your friends or family, or if you are not comfortable, seek professional help. A professional can always help you understand your situation better and can help you find your own healthy outlet to stress.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. After all, we’re all human. You will find your healthy outlet, you will learn to cope. Just have a little faith in you, like you would in your best friend. Pressure is inevitable, stress is inevitable; but, it will make you stronger. After all, you’re keen to shine, aren’t you?

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