Websites and applications which enable users to share content and connect with others, come in the category of Social Networking or Social Media. It is mostly perceived as a negative influence on the youth today and is often publicized for the increased rate of mental health issues like depression and anxiety, along with becoming a key factor in the jump of cyberbullying. 

Social Media

However, we all know that everything has a bright side, and therefore, let’s talk about various aspects of social media that are acknowledged to be beneficial to today’s youth. 

The power of social media platforms 

The most used social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All of them have their benefits and unique features. Firstly, Instagram has many attributes that allow us to network, provide the content that suits us, and help us gain a healthy perspective on pressing issues through various campaigns. Most of the social media protests that take place are held on Instagram. It’s one of the most influential platforms in the present times. 

Twitter - Social Media platform

Secondly, Twitter has various benefits, which help us inspire and grow. CEOs and Entrepreneurs from all around the world spread their thoughts, ideas, and motivation to the whole world through this platform. In just 280 characters, a huge diversity of people express their notions and views on mundane happenings. Without Twitter, we might never have been able to tap into the brain of some of the smartest minds in the world.

There are many other platforms that aid us to communicate better, push us to open up and step out of our comfort shells along with giving us the choice to absorb the energy that best suits us. 

People inspire, educate and motivate other individuals through these platforms. It is proven that some social media stages educate more than just harming children. Additionally, a few of these platforms have also been helping people to sell products and a lot of them are coming up with the idea to start a “small business” to promote various kinds of products in a very innovative way.

Communication through social media 


LinkedIn is the most influential platform which helps us to network with other people in a professional workspace. It has even made the hiring process very smooth.

There have been many instances when people have gotten better job opportunities because they connected with someone on the application. People who have a presence on social media, get a higher number of chances. 

Since the influence of these platforms has increased significantly, people are getting hired to work and improve these platforms, hence raising the bar of employment. 

Not just a career, but your private as well as social lives get a chance to be more untangled through online counsellors or therapists. 

Social media, in a nutshell, is a massive thread that joins all of us. 

Impact of social media on mental health and awareness

“Social media and technology are not agents of change. They are just tools. We the connected people are agents of change.”

-Stuart J Ellman

Social Media has at times been seen to harm a person’s mental health and has caused self-esteem issues among others like depression, anxiety, and other disorders


However, there are many organizations on social media, that provide the opportunity of joining support groups and communication or helpline services, to come forward and provide a platform where people who need help are recognized while getting their voices heard. Numerous cases are present where mental health services on social media have saved lives and provided help to those who have had struggling phases. Furthermore, it has played a key role in destigmatizing mental health through various campaigns and pages. 

Other pressing issues like Gender equality, Racism, LGBTQIA+ community and etc. have gotten the recognition they deserve because of social media. People have started to change the way they think on a positive note, however, normalization of these issues is still a long road, although the chain of conversations has been started. 

For example, rape cases have been highlighted on various platforms, and by reposting and sharing, people have increased the pressure on our judicial system to carry out justice. Another example of the same is the black lives matter movement which got the recognition it deserved because different pages on social media were spreading awareness about them. 

So what are the benefits?

Different social media platforms provide different services and features that help us to communicate, network, spread a positive influence, and sprinkle awareness about pressing issues.

This is the good, positive side of the social world that no one talks about. 

If we see, then every single thing in this world has two sides. Positive and grim. It depends on us which side of the coin we choose. 

Written by Prisha and Adnan

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