Late from work, have you ever trudged along the road to home with the thought of your pet waiting for you at the door? Has your day ever been brightened by a cute little fluffball jumping into your arms? Has cleaning up after your cat been a humbling experience for you?

If yes then rejoice because we are going to recount some science-backed reasons as to why making these critters part of your family can improve the quality of your life.

Pets make us more active

boy hugging his dog

Whether you are playing catch with your dog or chasing around your cat in the living room, you undertaking some physical activity—that means getting your heart rate up and scoring the big mood boosts provided by quick bursts of exercise. David Niven, Ph.D., a psychologist and social scientist at Ohio State University has stated in his research that dog owners walk 79 percent further each day than people who don’t have a dog. So, it is pretty much clear that having a pet makes one exercise more and stay fit.

They are excellent stressbusters

A delightful fact about our furry friends is that they can help us to become more stress-free in our daily life. Studies show that having a pet helps you to maintain a stable heart rate and manage cholesterol. Pets reduce your stress levels and make you a happier person.

They are good for your self-esteem

In this world of ever-changing passions, our pets make us feel needed and heard. A pet’s love is unconditional and not subject to change based on petty little quarrels. A 2011 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reported that pet owners displayed higher levels of self-esteem as well as a greater sense of belonging and community. As peculiar as it may sound but filling up a food bowl for your dog and taking it for a walk provides us with good reason to get out of bed on days, we feel blue and is likely to give us a more meaningful existence than a non-pet owner.

Pets help us form social connections and friendships

girl and two cats

Ever notice that when you’re with your pet, strangers are more likely to smile, greet you, and even strike up a conversation? And when you share a goofy video of your dog or reminisce about your cat’s adventures, people immediately chime in and share their own pet’s equally silly tricks. One might think that these exchanges are meaningless but we all know how many strangers we have made friends with by sharing funny cat videos. In the long run, these brief supposedly meaningless encounters make us feel less isolated. We, humans, are social animals and we feel happier when we are connected to people. Pets are great conversation starters and icebreakers, so it comes as no surprise that pet parent dating websites, pet/human fitness classes, and other social gatherings for pet owners are becoming more popular amongst the youth.

They make us more disciplined

walking with a dog

Going for daily walks, setting up routine playtime and eating schedules, and making regular vet appointments might seem like mundane tasks in the beginning but they prove to be very rewarding in the long run. The positive aspect of responsible pet parent behavior is that helps bring routine and discipline to our day, and that benefits us by regulating our health and emotional behavior. Taking care of our pets helps bring structure and order to our daily lives and we tend to feel more productive.

They help us develop emotional and mental flexibility

Pets often do startling and unexpected things. They can get up from their nap and poop in an inappropriate spot or hop onto the lap of your guest and scare them out of their wits. Part of keeping a pet is understanding this behavior and getting used to their quirks and idiosyncrasy. In this way, you become more mentally and emotionally flexible. This makes you a better and dynamic person.

They teach us and forgiveness and empathy

person drinking with his cat

No matter much patience you have, there are plenty of things that your pet can do to annoy you. They can chew on your favourite shoes or break your favourite vase even pee on your carpets. When they do this, you try to discipline them but you also have to forgive them. This nature of compassion extends into your relationships with other people too. In this way, pets make you a more forgiving and empathetic person.


For centuries, humans have kept pets in their homes whether it was for safety reasons or companionship. They facilitate our emotional and physical wellbeing. Not all relationships stand the test of time but the one you have with your pet will never let you down.

If you don’t have a pet, you should get one and enjoy the benefits indicated above too!

Written by Shatakshi

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