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Core Team

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Yashika Singh

founder and president

I founded beyond meds with an aim to raise mental health awareness and to destigmatize issues related to it while creating a safe space for people to open up without being afraid of judgements or societal pressure, i am an active social worker, who firmly believes to bring the wind of change.

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Parth Agarwal

Co-Founder and

An Ally, Actor, Writer, Debater, Mun’er & an NGO Worker. Parth believes in living life through experiences & he strongly believes in the quote: “But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep“.

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Ananya Gupta

General Secretary

Ananya is a  currently a business student and plans to be an entrepreneur. She believes that  “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. “

Rahul Verma

Head of operations

Photographer, Guitarist and an upcoming Engineer;To do what is difficult for others is the mark of talent!

Aditi Jha

Chief Advisor

Aditi Jha. Chief Advisor. Fashion Design student at NIFT. I believe love is the ultimate healer of pain and nobody can steal the love you are born to find.

Gauri Mishra


I’m a dreamer and a believer. I feel that making a wish then believing it to be coming true is a phenomenon of salvation. I love to see people happy , and there’s nothing I won’t do to put a smile on the faces I see each day.

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Wasiq Ali

events Head

Wasiq believes that social media is next medium through which the world can bring in change. He understands the severity of mental health effects and is always ready to work to spread awareness about it.

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Pari Singhal

creative head

I am an artist from Delhi, currently pursuing BMS. I truly believe that life in front of us is more important than the life we left behind.

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Ishita Kansal

Editor in chief

A girl with high hopes for a living, with the dream to design the most bizarre building, who is an eternal optimist and truly believes that one day, it’ll all be okay.

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Raina Tyagi

senior Editor

A writer and a bibliophile, who wishes to bring a change in this world. Raina truly believes in being a listener, she claims that it’s the most reliable remedy for everyone.

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Apeksha Luthra

research head

An avid reader, research associate, a budding psychologist and writer. Apeksha strongly believes in the quote: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is only the courage to continue that counts” -by Winston Churchill
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Mitali Srivastava

web Editor

A teen blogger who dreams of operating brains one day and who firmly believes that suffering a sin is a bigger crime than committing one.

Management Team

Nandinii Tandon


An avid reader, writer, debater and social worker, Nandinii is the most cheerful person you’ll meet. She loves making people smile, and aspires to be a surgeon. She’s a firm believer of the fact that everything happens for a reason.

Ahzam Khan


A science student by day, a marketer by night. Ahzam is a kind of person who loves exploring and making things grow. He’s guitarist, a football fan and a bit of a techy who wants to do something different in life with an end goal of making people around him happy.

Harshita Nayyar


Harshita Nayyar is an NLP practitioner and is currently pursuing master’s in psychology. She constantly puts forward new ideas and aims to bring about a wave of change by creating and promoting a safe space for everyone!

Vridhi Dhameja

Community & Merchandise head

Economics student with a passion for art. A believer, who wants the world to be a place to live, love and breath.


Art director

An artist of distinction, designer, and a motor racing aficionado, Anunay, believes in pacifism and hard work. He looks at the world from a multitude of perspectives and thus wishes to delineate the outlook of the organization with a holistic approach.

Aditi Tripathi

social media strategist

A zoophilist with a musical heart, I am a Psychology majors student and I want India to become Mental Health friendly. I believe in “Everything happens for a reason.”

Nirupam Ghosh

Hiring coordinator

Nirupam Ghosh Chowdhury from is currently a B.Com student at Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi. He believes ‘Networking is Networthing’ therefore he wishes to expand his network and work for the society through Beyond Meds Foundation.