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When we visited backward areas, and labour dwellings, we noticed a mindset where whenever a child seemed to have an intellectual disability like Autism, ADHD, etc, it was never diagnosed, and the child was treated as a liability. One such story was of a young boy, who after failing his schooling, at a tender age, was sent to work on a farm in a village simply because his parents thought, “What will he ever be able to achieve?”.

We, at Beyond Meds Foundation, wish to change this very view. We wish for people to recognise and treat such disabilities, for people to recognise it as “this ability” not “disability”.

Owing to our purpose, we have launched our third campaign wherein we will be making a school for special children of the underprivileged sectors of society. This school will be set up in the Kanawani Gaon of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Our initial expenses of setting up our mission is over 2 lakh rupees, (Including raw material, labour, rent, diagnosis, special educator, rent security, lights, electricity board, electricity, water, food, blackboard, mattress, ADHD toys, uniform, table fan, first aid) and apart from this, the monthly expenses of running this campaign will be approximately 40,000 INR.

Help them build an identity for themselves; a “Pehchaan” for themselves. We can’t do this without you. So, let’s take a small step, and change the world together.

With immense pride and elation, we started our very own Human Rights Cell- Aashiyaan. As the name suggests, we formed Aashiyaan with the vision that it will be a haven for those who can’t turn to any place else for love and support. It is that irrevocable feeling that we want people to associate with home. It is our little effort for cohesion to those communities who feel alone in their adversity- a place for people to let down the burden imposed upon them by society.

Through this initiative, we aim to persevere through unfavourable odds to eliminate all forms of oppression, discrimination, and hostility against vulnerable individuals and communities.

With your support and donations, we provided the school Ek Koshish (a charity school for children with special needs).

Classes commenced on December 8, 2020. Since then, they made advances in basic motor skills, writing skills, maths skills like tables, basic arithmetic operations, colouring and learning poems. They learnt to recognize alphabets, colours, spellings, money denominations and landmarks among other things. There are multiple students of varying ages who have slowly learnt to interact with each other. They’ve come a long way and have developed basic intellectual skills. Overall, each student has made a holistic development. Their education will continue under the guidance of the school Ek Koshish.

Beyond Meds Jodhpur started its journey on 2nd Feb 2021 with the thought of battling stigmas around mental health in their city. They have organised two campaigns: “ Khilte Chehre” and “Breathe”. The first campaign was focused on brightening the mindset of children residing in an orphanage including the differently abled. The second campaign “Breathe” , put a spotlight on afforestation and the well-being of people and environment.

Beyond Meds Mumbai was started on 1st October 2020 with a thought of breaking the shackles surrounding superstitions around mental health. Having organised campaigns like a Food Donation Drive, the positive response from the crowd encourages and pushes them to do more and better. In the Food Donation Drive, they distributed food packets to the needy, across Thane. Lately, they organised a webinar on Screen Addiction which was a great success!

We believe that charity and social work is an indispensable aspect of every economy and supporting small NGOs, however possible, is a duty of every citizen.

Model UN is an academic simulation of the United Nations for students of school and college. This MUN Conference was 100% charitable and all funds collected went towards furthering the objectives of Beyond Meds Foundation.

It was held online on 3rd and 4th April, 2021, and had over 120 participants from all over the globe. The two days were filled with an unforgettable experience and a staggering debate!

webinar poster

There are so many people who get hit by traumatic events, be it in the form of sexual abuse, bullying or so forth at least for once in their childhood which leaves an imperceptible and an aching scar on their memories that doesn’t heal with time that effortlessly.

Therefore, Sex Education India , a youth led movement that strives to prioritize the importance of promoting people to attain the knowledge of making healthy as well as sensible choices, and our organization, Beyond Meds Foundation organised a webinar (Childhood Trauma : a journey towards acceptance and recovery)

The webinar had amazing panelists like –
Niyati N Shah (Sexuality Education, Intimacy Coach & TedxSpeaker)
Variddhi Gupta (counselling psychologist, founder @variddhigupta & career coach)
Bhawna Venugopalan (counselling psychologist, founder @vaiklavya & family educationist)

The webinar had over 100 registrations and the audience and panelist had a Knowledgeable and interactive session.

One doesn’t have to feel happy and positive all the time, it’s okay to feel sad, anxious and depressed. It’s okay to go through the whole spectrum of emotions. It’s okay to not be okay.

Counselling & therapy is something that should be normalised and viewed like any other treatment.
We understand that access to qualified psychologist s may be difficult.
We here at Beyond Meds have an amazing team of well qualified personnel for your help.

We have with us:
• Counseling Psychologist
• Career Counsellor
• Clinical Psychologist
• Parenting Expert

If you, or anyone you know is looking for someone for help, please click here and fill the form to get a list of psychologists and discounts for sessions.
If you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Diwali isn’t the festival of light and joy if it isn’t for everyone. And keeping this in mind, our organisation is, at present, initiating a campaign to transfer your blessings to the underprivileged section of the society.

The funds would be used to provide the group of 22 children of “Prabhat an awakening” Ngo situated in Faridabad with clothes, diyas, masks, colours, books, toys and delicious delicacies. The campaign “Special Not Disabled” will run for a month (i.e. 1st October 2020 – 1st November 2020) which will include core team visits to the NGO and zoom sessions to teach and share the joys of life with the kids. Perhaps, they can be the one to fill up the void in our society which requires empathy and love.

You don’t have to be an influencer to change lives but give just a little from your pockets and you’ll see lives changing for the better.

Update:- The campaign was highly successful with over 90 donors from all across India. The kids were provided with new T-shirts, Lowers, Basic amenities like toothbrush, toothpaste, energy drink, face-masks etc. 

We believe “every story matters and all of your experiences might help others to share their stories and get help”. So Beyond Meds has an open platform for you all; where people can fearlessly come up and share their stories, anonymously or otherwise.

Your story of fear, anxiety, depression and a dozen of other feelings, your story of how you overcame, your unstable mental health or how you dealt with it or might be still dealing with it. It can be anything but our only focus is to communicate to resolve and to lend a non-judgmental ear to you.

Your feelings are valid, every single thought that passes your brain, be it rational or irrational has an importance that can change lives even if you aren’t aware of it.


Beyond Meds organized a fundraising event ‘INAYAT’ that had various interesting sub-events as given in the poster. Participation category was open for all.

The main motive of INAYAT was to raise funds for NGO registration and website development by choosing to help plethora of teenagers who hesitate in showcasing their amazing talents and giving them an opportunity to express themselves and break the bubble of their fears.

Registration fee – varied. (Max 50)

Mode – Offline except open forum and open mic.

The Perks of winning the sub events were cash prizes, shoutouts and a chance to work with the core team.

Beyond Meds Presented  “A Webinar On Gender Neutral Parenting”

Gender neutral parenting doesn’t involve making boys more feminine or making girls more masculine. It is the idea of making the children aware of the gender roles and giving them the freedom of choice to what they want to be. It removes the stereotypical mindset of people to consider men as strong and quite people whereas women as the sensitive ones.  Gender neutral parenting promotes the idea that it’s completely okay if a woman is much stronger and a man is sensitive and gentle. It promotes the idea of accepting the sexuality you have.

Date: 16th August, 2020

Registration Fees: 0

Platform : Zoom

Guest Speakers – Elton J Fernandez, Srishti Garg, Anshu Jain, Alex Mathew

webinar poster
webinar poster

It’s a harsh world to live in

And in the process of living we often lose the meaning of being ourselves.

In the process of fighting, we often lose the meaning of recovering ourselves.

And,  In the process of caring,  we often lose the meaning of loving ourselves.

Am I selfish to love myself? Do I deserve forgiveness for my flaws? Should I be behaving as per the demands of society??


To accomplish this motive , beyond meds organized a webinar with the most experienced and wonderful people who left an imprint of  “why self love is so important”.

Some crucial points about the webinar –

Registration fee: 0  

Platform : zoom

We had guest speakers like D. Bhawna Venugopalan. Manasi Gupta, Jhanvi Agarwal, Ananya Sharma, Aanya Wig who were mental health advocates, psychologists, psychology students.

Participation certificates was given and best speakers were gifted with merit certificates on shoutouts on  our page.

A new generation of people are becoming open to the suggestion that suffering from panic attack is “cute” and that if you develop an eating disorder you are “tragically beautiful”. Clearly, neither of these things is true. Mental illnesses are precisely- ILLNESSES. They can take over your life.

 From being stigmatize to being sensationalized mental illnesses have come along with us. We generally read posts with aesthetic pictures with captions about glorification of depression, anxiety and panic disorders.

Romanticization of mental illness is an awful attempt at making them “beautiful”. This trend portrays mental illness as “edgy” and “cool” it is believed that having mental illness will aimed them to be “beautiful”.

Beyond meds presented an open discussion forum/open conference where people shared their views and experiences and received guidance from the team and panelists on the idea of “Romanticisation Of Mental Illnesses”

Date: 9-06-2020 (Tuesday)

Guest speakers – Variddhi Gupta, Surbhi Malhotra, Priya Gaurav Khemani

The best Speaker was announced at the end of the conference and received a shoutout on the organization’s page.

webinar poster