Music; what’s the first song that popped up in your mind after reading this word? Let me guess, ‘Kun Faya Kun’? Or ‘The Night We Met’? Or maybe you went back to the childhood days of Taylor Swift and The Beatles? Or maybe the complete 20’s music of Bollywood? Exactly, this is the energy of music. It takes us to the extreme corners of euphoria, making us feel every emotion.

Music, for a fact, can never have an actual definition. Why? Maybe because we all have different meanings to it, a different level of love for it. And considering the intensity of love for music, no definition can make justice to it. It’s an altogether emotion, or rather, a gush of emotions. 

From ‘Let’s Fall in Love for the Night’ to ‘lonely’; from Pink Floyd to The Weeknd; from old classics to gen-z rock; it has a way to our mind and soul and therefore makes every feel heightened. Somehow, we always miraculously end up relating to songs. Whether it is the cheesy love song we once made fun of or the bittersweet break-up song we never thought we’ll relate to, it’s a feeling, it is sort of a home.

Music gives us all the hardcore party songs we can dance all night to, but, it also caresses our soul when we hit rock bottom. Music acts as an escape and a friend, both simultaneously. An escape— an escape from the chaotic world around us. A friend— a friend we can always, always turn to; no matter whatever the situation. 

But, let’s talk about how music can be used as therapy. Therapy to our mind and soul.

Music as a Remedy for our Mind 

person singing

Our world is full of idiosyncrasies and catastrophes. In this anxious world, music acts as a gateway to peace. Studies have shown that it indeed helps us concentrate better, reduces our blood pressure, and helps us sleep better. In fact, listening to specific types of music, such as lo-fi music, has been proven to enhance productivity and concentration. 

So the next time, when you sit down to focus on something and everything seems to distract you; put on the lo-fi version of ‘Tum Ho’ or the lo-fi version of Post Malone’s songs, and then you’ll see the magic. The magic that this version of art beholds. 

As we were hit by the pandemic last year, our rapid lifestyles became restricted to the four walls of our homes. During this time, our mental health suffered. And during this time, it’s pretty much convincing how music made an impact on our lives. It kept us sane, it helped us hold on. Somehow, giving us an anchor to support ourselves.

Music calms us down. Music acts as a healer. Whether you’re angry or overwhelmed with all the challenges life is throwing at you, listening to songs will help you relax. It improves your memory, your mood and can also reduce pain— both physical and emotional. Music is a healthy coping mechanism for stress and anxiety as it helps you calm down and reduces panic in all situations. 

Music as a Remedy for our Soul

girl listening to music

Music bridges the gap between the brain and the heart. It can evoke and engage emotions in us, ones that we didn’t even know existed. Living in the 21st century, all of us are hiding something or the other. None of us is extremely vocal about how they feel, and hence we suppress. We bury our emotions and how we feel deep inside our soul; without providing it the love, affection, and care they deserve. But, music evokes those deep emotions and can even help us process grief, fear, and resentment. 

So, the next time you feel the need to listen to a sad song and cry your heart out; don’t pull yourself back, don’t change the song. Listen to ‘Die Trying’ and cry your lungs out. Feel the music in your guts and vent out everything in the form of tears that you aren’t able to speak. It’s a healthy outlet and a healthy coping mechanism for your pain. 

It truly engages with our soul in its very own unique way. We, humans, are born with a sense of poetry. We are surrounded by sounds and patterns. Our lives have their own rhythm and their own lyrics, almost like a pattern in this vast yet complex expanse. 

Perhaps, that is why music touches our souls so deeply. We feel as though it has some celestial properties, a way to our deepest emotions. It liberates us from the captivity of our own suppressed feelings. 

To tell the truth, we all want to be understood. And it’s difficult, at times, we find ourselves in a position where explaining ourselves becomes heavy on us. And maybe that is when music holds our hand and at least for a minute, gives us the strength to keep moving on. Music barges into our soul, unapologetically. It helps us get in touch with what we really feel and who we really are. After all, it is a language of emotions. 

How Music make an impact on our lives?

Being surrounded with a messed-up life, I know music isn’t gonna magically solve all the issues. But, it acts as a supporter, as an anchor. It gives our energy a boost. It’s like an energy drink, like a ray of hope. A 3-minute long song can make you feel so relieved and make you understand that life is still so spectacular in its own way.

And not only it gives us strength; it also gives life, meaning. That everything happening around will one day have a better outcome. every day, in every way, music proves to be the actual best friend we all desperately want in our lives. The impact of music is like the impact of moonlight on the ocean. Music is making human lives brighter every day. Therefore, giving reincarnation to our souls.

Hence, anytime now you feel like everything has come to an end and that nothing can now pull you up? Put on your headphones or turn on your speakers, play the first song that comes to your mind and listen to it while you put your playlist on shuffle.

dancing listening to music

Dance with it, or sing while you scream. Stare into nothingness, or cry your heart out; do anything but the bottom line is to feel it.

Feel the music in your soul, and it will make a home in your heart. 

Writers : Raina & Nandinii

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Prisha Seth · 15 March 2021 at 8:06 pm

This truly did justice to the feelings I have for music!!!

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