With growing commitments and schedules to stick to, one might find it hard to take some time for self, rejuvenate, refresh, or just take a break. When people have to constantly through a computer or mobile screen, taking breaks can be comparatively harder; sometimes, these breaks can even add to your guilt. The same happens when you put in a lot of work pressure on yourself. When apps check in on you, you are likely to feel more assured and valued.
Some apps listed below will help you in ways you’ve never imagined, comforting and tracking your schedule as well.

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Mindshift is one of the top apps you can rely on if you’re suffering from anxiety. It lists out the symptoms of anxiety. It gives you several categories to look into, like test anxiety, social anxiety, perfectionism, etc. It is basically CBT-based. The app asks you a set of questions, analyses your answers, and then shows you the areas you can work on. It gives you keys like coping mechanisms that will work quickly and experiments that will generate self-belief. It is one app that is free and will help you tackle your anxiety.

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Availability : IOS, Android


Sanvelo is one such app that’ll keep monitoring and checking up on you constantly. It’ll ask you questions like, “Hey, how are you feeling today?”. The app makes you feel secure with a list of activities in it. It has journaling in it, some videos that’ll help you breathe and relax. It has questions that assess you weekly. It also shows you stories of people, instills hope, and it lets you pick things with goals stating what you want to do for the upcoming week and months. On the whole, it is an excellent app for mental health regulation and care.

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Availability : IOS, Android

Eyecare 20-20-20:

Eyecare 20 20 20 is an app that helps you and your eyes. For every 20 minutes of screen time, be it laptop or androids, the app reminds you to look at an object 20 feet away for every 20 seconds. This way, your eye strain is prevented, and it helps you keep your eyes fresh and healthy. The eyes don’t get dry. One of the top reasons this app is preferred is because it helps developers and people who constantly work on their phones, tablets, or laptops to take a break. It can also be customized according to the user’s preferred timings. The reminders pop up every now and then, reminding you to take a few seconds and then resume.

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Availability : IOS, Android


Unhook is one of the top out of many apps that will push you to be self-disciplined. For every 100 steps, you walk. You will be rewarded with 10 minutes to browse your phone. It is well co-ordinated, and it makes sure you reduce your screen time at the same time. It also helps you stay healthy physically, thus also contributes to you being mentally healthy. It has daily time limits, which will help you maintain a perfect schedule. This is not forced; it can also be switched off. The app can be switched off, and you can carry on with your life. Some healthy breaks here and there are essential

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Availability : Android


Moodfit is one of the leading apps for tracking your daily mental health and was selected by The American Nurses Foundation to monitor the mental resilience of nurses across the USA. It provides you with interactive features like journal keeping and mood tracking. It is especially beneficial if one is dealing with stress, depression or anxiety as it has an in-built Cognitive Behavioural Therapy record tool to help process negative thoughts. At the end of each day, the app provides a robust and detailed record of your mood-related activities and gives actionable insights about sleep, exercise and medications to improve your mood. The app is also equipped with gratitude and mindfulness meditation techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety. In all, moodfit is your one-stop for all mental health-related care and advice.

moodfit app

Availability : IOS, Android


Flo is a women’s health app providing mental health, dietary, and exercise assistance at each stage of the reproductive cycle. It tracks menstruation giving you suggestions and tips for cramps, mood swings, and other PMS-related symptoms along the way. The app has also contributed to breaking the menstruation taboo around the world by initiating conversations about periods and women’s reproductive health. The app is equipped with a virtual assistant that evaluates your symptoms to give the best possible advice to mitigate the issues that people who menstruate face throughout their cycle.

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Availability : IOS, Android


Headspace is a wellness and meditation app that builds personalized plans for you based on your input and requirements. It will help you with anxiety and stress through guided meditation and mindfulness techniques. It also regulates your sleep schedule by introducing you to short meditating exercises before bed and fostering an environment fit for a sound sleep by suggesting music, nature soundscapes, and storytelling podcasts. If you are looking for balance and serenity in this culture of hustling, this is just the right app for you.

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Availability : IOS, Android


Streaks is a to-do list app that propels positive attitudes and helps you form good habits. It holds you accountable for the goals you set for yourself by tracking up to twelve tasks you set to complete each day. The desirable goal here is to build a streak of consecutive days of productivity. Whether it is going for a run, catching up on reading, or quitting bad habits like smoking, Streaks got you covered. It gives you regular reminders for completing your tasks and at the end of each day shows progress reports. This helps you spot patterns of harmful behaviors.

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Availability : IOS only


Maybe, it is all just too much to take in, all at the same time. But Aristotle says that “We are what we do repeatedly”, keep trying and putting in efforts of taking care of yourself. One step at a time. There are always so many ways to try out. But if you’re someone socially distant and an introvert, this could be of great help. Self-care and love are very important. With or without these apps, you’re still a star. But, we hope that these make you shine a little bit brighter and that you never shy away from taking or providing help.

Writers : Shatakshi & Joshikaa

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