Development disorders or neurodevelopmental disorders in certain cases affect the individual before they attain the age of 22. A chronic disability is said to be present when there are functional limitations in two to three major life activities. It hinders normal participation in everyday things like differentiating between things, hearing, talking, reading, writing, and analyzing their environment. It is generally confusing, frustrating, and draining for those who suffer from this specific mental disorder.

About Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves from his movie, John Wick

So many celebrities have suffered from it, too. In the very end, we are all humans, aren’t we? One of them being Keanu Reeves, a Hollywood star. People claim that he’s one of the sweetest people in the industry.

He suffered from dyslexia, the inability to differentiate between numbers and letters. However, he loved reading stories and books. His love and passion for stories have been among the most important reasons he chose to become an actor. With the amount of creativity and depth words have, Reeves was drawn to them, and his favorite was Shakespeare. 

More about Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

His personal life was not so great from the beginning, especially after his parents got divorced. He traveled with his mother across towns. His girlfriend back then, in 1999, gave birth to a stillborn child, which eventually led to the end of their relationship. Eighteen months after that incident, she died in a car accident. His best friend Phoenix passed away due to a drug overdose. He stated that “Grief and loss are two things that stay with you. They never leave”. He also believes that “Grief changes shape, but it never leaves.”

Dealing with dyslexia


Through all the dark times, Keanu never gave up the humility and gratitude he had always had. He kept on supporting charitable trusts, organizations, and foundations. He went on with several donations and contributions. He never let his life become stagnant; he kept moving and grinding. He had never been to therapy throughout most of his life. It was at the age of 40 that he first went to therapy, but claimed that it was regarding some personal work.

The other side of life

Keanu Reeves

Keanu’s sister, Kim, battled leukemia for a decade. Keanu then donated privately to several foundations, organizations, and cancer institutions. He also went up to set up his charity: StandUptoCancer and SickKidsFoundation.

His positive approach has been one of the main reasons he made it through his tough times. It has been his pillar of strength. His compassion has helped him. He even gives random strangers rides in his cars and buys food for his entire set. There’s not one person who challenges the fact that Reeves is a nice and kind man. Everyone has nothing but sweet things to say about him.

Is every disorder curable?

What do you think? Sometimes certain things keep leaving their trails everywhere we go; they follow. But with the right words, people, feelings, and by trying to analyze the flow of your thoughts and seeking professional help, you can change the course of your life. Do not let your mind decide and confine you by telling you all the things you can’t do. Take control of your mind and let the world join you. Let the world do everything it wants. At the end of the day, there is nothing more powerful than what you do. You can live for years without a hundred friends or close ones and still feel happy even with the company of a few worthy people. Strength is not in the number of people around us. It is in the quality of people we surround ourselves with.

A note of hope:

Keanu Reeves, you or me, let it be anybody. With the right acts, you see how many lives you’ve positively impacted. At the end of the day, love is all that prevails. Don’t trust me? Watch the film, “A beautiful mind“. Trust me, everything will come together. There’s a secret you can follow; when you look at those wounds everyone has, you’ll know that we’re all the same.

You’re headed to a beautiful place, I promise.

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