Bipolar Disorder also knows as ‘Manic Depression’ is a disorder associated with episodes of Mood Swings ranging from Depressive lows to Manic Highs.

While Bipolar Disorder remains very common in people but when it comes to celebrities or people who tend to stay in the limelight most of the time of their lives have proven to be more likely to be Bipolar.

Celebrities get attention in almost whatever they do, which may sound fun at first but is really not. Being a public figure means giving people access to all of your privacy. This in itself puts a lot of pressure on oneself to act within certain criteria and to fit the so-called “parametric” created by society.

One such thing happened with the American Pop star/actress Demi Lovato.

Her Battle with the Disorder

The 28-year-old star was not just diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder but was struggling with Bulimia, cutting, and drug addiction all at the same time.

There are people who don’t feel comfortable talking about their mental health struggles, but that was not the case with Demi.

Being vocal about one’s mental health is as same and important as being for some physical sickness.

People fail to understand how important it is to raise their voices in support of changing the way mental illness is talked about and breaking down the stigma surrounding it.
Demi has always acted bold and vocal when it came to her own personal struggles with the illness.

Back in 2011, she entered rehab, where she was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. There are 5.7 million American adults with Bipolar Disorder. Unlikely usual, Demi decided to share her story in order to encourage and inspire people to get help for their issues.

Bipolar Disorder is not fully curable. It may last for years and in some cases can even last lifelong, but with correct help and aid, it can be controlled.

We at Beyond Meds share the same motive to encourage people to seek help and medical support at the correct time.

Sometimes even just by opening up a bit and communicating also acts as a great tool to relieve stress, but keeping things to yourself should never be an option.

“Sometimes I felt invincible, and it was these moments when my mind would go all over the place” Demi shared. She’d stay up until 5 a:m and write seven songs in one night thinking it’s normal.

Being Patient is the Key

Firstly, it’s important to know that you’re never alone and there are millions of people dealing with the same issue while intensity may vary.

Also, it is important to know that Bipolar once treated well may even return in some cases and that’s exactly what happened with Demi.

At the same time, it is also important to understand that there’s nothing ‘humiliating’ to accept it, neither it’s your failure. We’re no machines that go into the shop, get fixed, and come out all-new shiny, and bright. We are humans, and we live in reality.

Sometimes, the endings can be good, sometimes they can also be harsh, but happiness isn’t lost anywhere throughout the process. It is within us.

Accepting the reality and staying patient with our problems will always help us to land on the right track.

I would conclude this with a very beautiful tweet where Demi quoted, “It was a great feeling to find out that there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I just had a mental illness”.

Written by Prakriti

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