You know what they say, “The fragrance stays in the hand that gives the rose” and keeping this in mind, we are here to tell you how peaceful and happy this day was for us.

Your kind support and the hard work of our team made so many smiles to grow wide that we can’t stop but appreciate and be grateful for the journey we began a few months ago.

These lives are the reason why Beyond Meds is blooming day by day, and thus, even if we write a thousand words or more, our gratitude still won’t be able to fit in them.

A big thank you to everyone who helped us in making this day memorable. We look forward to your support in our upcoming campaigns and missions to ignite lives with profound brightness.

Kindness and love are never wasted.

• On 31st October, the members of Beyond Meds Foundation visited Prabhat – An Awakening NGO to interact with the special children present there.

• All the children were provided with high quality t-shirts and lowers.

• They were provided with basic amenities like toothbrushes, toothpastes, hair oil, hair bands, bournvita, etc.

Sweets and other confectioneries were also distributed among the children.

The foundation also interacted with the secretary of the NGO and pledged them 5 volunteers from Beyond Meds Foundation to help them with their regular activities.

Our lives are of no use if it not used to make someone else’s life better.

Beyond Meds looks forward to destigmatize mental health issues. We tried our best to spread out a message that children with special needs deserve equal love and respect.

So today we are proud to declare that our campaign ended with smiles broad enough to shine through the sky. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support from you all.

Keep supporting us by doing your part and donating.

Somewhere along the way, we’ll look at these moments of extreme bliss. For, the way these smiles found so much solace.

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