Our Organization

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What is our organization about?

Beyond Meds Foundation is an initiative by the youth that promotes mental welfare and contributes towards mental health awareness. It is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) under the Companies Act, 2013 & also in Niti Aayog. Beyond Meds Foundation is run constructively by a team of over 200 youngsters across the country with a shared objective at hand.

What are our objectives?

1) Mental Health Awareness: We are seeking to blur the misconception around proper mental health being viewed as a lavish and pretentious term and are working to make the means of upkeep of mental health more accessible to everyone irrespective of one’s financial or social status. We believe that proper mental health is more of a necessity than a luxury. 

2) Psychological Welfare: We aspire to address myths and negative beliefs to eradicate the stigma around mental health condition by carrying forward practices that spread positivity in company with our service that helps the deprived with psychologist’s assistance and various counselling therapy sessions which aids them to develop better coping mechanism and techniques to nourish their mental well-being.

3) Social Welfare: We put our essential concerns to the wellbeing of underprivileged people with intellectual disabilities. Our foundation seeks ways and organizes campaigns along with other activities to help these people rise above their disabilities and live a life more joyous by also providing them with basic necessities and means to manage their mundane sphere.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to create a safe space where people can open up without having to fear any judgement.

We want to highlight that mental well-being is just as essential as physical well-being. We also aim to help the less privileged citizens, persons with intellectual disabilities and focus on suicide prevention etc.

How you can help us?

Your donations to Beyond Meds Foundation would assist us in mobilizing campaigns, organizing seminars and spreading awareness about mental health. They would also support us to expand the reach and widen the horizons of the organization to further distinct sections of the society and reach the needful at every corner.

Furthermore, your generosity would serve as encouragement to the team and as compliments to their charitable efforts.