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Guidance can only be found if someone knows how to turn on the lights even on the darkest of nights.

Don't Give Up

I know you're emotionally and physically drained, but you have to keep going. There's still so much to do, so much to see, so many people to meet. If you give up now, how will you journey to the stars, who will recite your tales of valour, how will you reminisce about the laughter and joy, the pain and tears, scream from the top of rollercoasters, sleep under the sweet caress of the inky sky?
You're a survivor, look at everything you've overcome. It's almost dawn, the fight's almost over. Don't give up now.

You Are Not Alone

Sometimes you might feel like you are all alone, but this is only because you are isolating yourself from all the love you can get. Take a small step towards reaching out to people, and you'll know how lucky you've been
all along.

You Matter

No matter how much you think that you're not good enough, you'll always be special. You may think that you're not worth the effort, but here's the thing, you are! You're have a million capabilities, with a thousand talents. You just have to find them. Your life is touching so many others, and without you, there'll be an awful hole left. Don't worry, you got this!

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Parth Agarwal


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